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Retirement planning for business owners

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But your business can’t bail you out of retirement needs. Start planning now or both
your business and your retirement could go belly up.

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Take control of your future funds by putting a plan in place now.

Plan to Collect on Your Legacy

You risked a lot; make sure it pays off.

Create Generational Wealth

Establish a plan to pass to your children.

Transition without Regrets

Cut the cord to your business and be free.

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You’ve given up a lot to give your
business all that you can.

I hear you. I’m a business owner myself. So let’s make sure we put our best foot forward in building you a plan that maximizes what you get in return. I’ve helped many others like you transition from working for your business to collecting from your business.

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Chris Saras

Orange City, Iowa


  • CFP®, LUTCF®
  • Court of the Table, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)*
  • New York Life, President's Council
  • Investment Advisor Representative, Eagle Strategies LLC^
  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Redlands

*The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry.
^Eagle Strategies LLC is a New York Life Company.

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Review your current
financial position

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High level review of the plan you have in place

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Head towards the well-groomed path

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Do the Right Thing. And Do it for Yourself.
Your Retirement is Counting on You.

At the Pathway Financial Group, we know that you want to retire comfortably. In order to do that, you need to plan ahead while still meeting the needs of your business.

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The problem is you want all your needs covered, but you don’t want to look like you’re putting numero uno ahead of your business. You need to be smart about what you have left after you’re no longer a part of the your business. It’s not right that as the owner, you feel like you have more to worry about in retirement than any of your employees.

We can understand how that feels. It’s not fair. You’ve been carrying most of the risk in the business; you shouldn’t have the most to lose in retirement also.

We can work with you to turn the worries of the future into comfortable plans starting today. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a 45-minute meeting.
  2. Review your current financial position.
  3. High level review of the plan you have in place.
  4. Head towards the well-groomed path.

Meet with us, so you can approach your path with confidence. The transition from business owner to retiree doesn’t have to be so rocky. We’ll help make sure of that.

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